Agile has a daily ritual called the Scrum Meeting or Stand-up. There’s a lot of contention around how and why teams should stand-up. The contention is perpetuated by people who assume that their ‘Agile experience’ makes them experts, even if their experience is of a broken implementation of the principles. When enough organizations adopt a […]

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I miss you. Well, no. I miss a fantasy that I keep of you. I miss a loving family. I miss the moments when that’s what I felt. I miss that glint in your eyes, when they weren’t rummy or enraged, when they loved me, when you were proud of me. I miss the moments […]

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Dave Manningsmith lives in a sleepy suburb tucked in the woods a few miles east of Seattle with his beautiful wife and daughter. He has learned a few things that he tries to share, and he hopes to learn more.