[This post is in response to a great discussion at The Monster In Your Head.]

There’s only one piece of advice I feel comfortable giving everyone: only follow advice that resonates with you.

Everyone has advice. They’ve learned things from their experience that they want to share to help others. That pretty much guarantees that if you seek enough advice, you’ll hear diametrically opposing views, often leaving you with more data and less direction.

Most advice is good advice, in the right context. So only take advice that seems right to you, that seems like a natural extension of advice you would give yourself. The other advice might be great. Maybe later, you’ll wish you’d followed it sooner.

Don’t second guess yourself.

If advice doesn’t resonate with you now, you’re likely to follow it badly.

You’re on a journey. Small shortcuts are useful. Giant leaps off your current path and onto some other path aren’t shortcuts so much as teleportation, leaving you disoriented, unequipped with the experience of getting there through ways you understand.

What’s one piece of advice you would give everybody?


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